Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik


1508 Lane G, Geewadin Road
Wasauksing First Nation

Contact Information:

Phone: 705-746-5663
Fax: 705-746-5984

School Newsletters:

April 2024

Student Transportation:

  • Wasauksing First Nation Transportation Form
    • For anyone needing bus services this school year (2023-2024) that was not previously registered OR their information has changed (address, contact info, school, etc). If there are no changes, students from last year’s list will be transferred automatically to this year’s list.
    • If anyone is removing their child from the bus list, they need to send an email directly to [email protected]

Parental Choice Letter:

  • Off- Reserve School Tuition- Parental Choice 2020/21- Click HERE