Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik



1508 Lane G, Geewadin Road
Wasauksing First Nation

Contact Information:

Phone: 705-746-5663
Fax: 705-746-5984

September 7th 2021, Return to School Updates:
COVID-19 Procedures: 
  • Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik COVID-19 Operations Summary Guidelines for Parents for 2020/21- Click HERE
  • Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik COVID-19 Screening Form- Click HERE
April 2021 Update
January 2021 Update
December 2020: Christmas Concert Video
October 2020 Update
September 2020 Update
  • September 9, 2020: Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik School Update- Click HERE
  • September 8, 2020: Student Transportation Update- Click HERE
  • Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik Group A & B Schedule- Click HERE
Parental Choice Letter:
  • Off- Reserve School Tuition- Parental Choice 2020/21- Click HERE
Student Transportation:
  • Student Transportation to Parry Sound High School – Click HERE
  • Parry Sound High School Bus Transportation Registration Form – Click HERE