Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik Updates:

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik COVID-19 Operations Summary Guidelines for Parents for 2020/21- Click HERE

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik Covid-19 Screening Form- Click HERE

April Update

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik April Update: Return to School after Spring Break

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik April Cohort Schedule: Click Here to View

January Update

January 30th, 2021- Kinomaugewgamik/ PSHS Bus Update: Click here to view

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik 2021 January Cohort Schedule: Click here to view

December Update

December 2020 Concert Video!

Click link to view:

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik Christmas Concert!

October Update

October 7, 2020: Wasauksing School Update- A/B Cohort Schedule will continue throughout October. Read full notice and download the schedule.

September Update

September 9, 2020: Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik School Update- Click HERE

September 8, 2020: Student Transportation Update- Click HERE

Wasauksing Kinomaugewgamik Group A & B Schedule- Click HERE

Parental Choice Letter

Off- Reserve School Tuition- Parental Choice 2020/21- Click HERE

Student Transportation Information

September 2020-Student Transportation to Parry Sound High School – Click HERE

Parry Sound High School Bus Transportation 2020/2021 Registration Form – Click HERE

Little Eagle Childcare Centre Updates:

April 19, 2021- New COVID-19 Screening Method- Click HERE

April 7, 2021- Update to COVID-19 Order- Click HERE

2021 Parent Handbook COVID-19- Click HERE

Parent Consent for Emergency Childcare- Click HERE

Letter to Parents re: camera installation- Click HERE